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Rotaract D9214 Nominates Rtr. Joseph B. Ssengooba as DRRN

The Rotaract District 9214, which covers some parts of Uganda and the whole of Tanzania, has nominated Rtr. Joseph B. Ssengooba as the District Rotaract Representative Nominee (DRRN) for the Rotary year 2023-2024. This nomination is a significant milestone for Ssengooba and the Rotaract community in the district.

Rtr. Joseph B. Ssengooba is a member of the Rotaract Club of Bwebajja, Uganda, and has been actively involved in Rotaract for over four years. He has held various leadership positions in his club and district, including serving as the District Projects, Rotaract Earth Imitative chair, District Conference chair, District PIME chair, Interact RYLA Chair, Change Maker President and President of Presidents.

Ssengooba’s nomination as the DRRN for D9214 is a testament to his commitment to service, leadership, and professionalism in Rotaract. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in his various roles, including organizing successful projects, mentoring Rotaractors, and promoting the values of Rotary and Rotaract.

Ssengooba’s vision for Rotaract D9214 is to enhance collaboration, engagement, and innovation among the Rotaract clubs in the district. His flagship project will be called “Focus on Islands”. He wants clubs in Uganda to carry out projects that save the lives of people living on islands.

Many people in Uganda live on islands, and they face many challenges, including limited access to healthcare, education, and clean water. Ssengooba’s goal is to support these communities by improving their living conditions, ensuring access to essential services, and promoting sustainable development.

Ssengooba plans to achieve his goals by working closely with Rotaract clubs in Uganda to identify the most pressing needs of the island communities. They will then develop and implement projects that address these needs, leveraging the resources and expertise of the Rotaract clubs.

In addition to the Focus on Islands project, Ssengooba plans to establish a mentorship program that will provide Rotaract members with opportunities to learn from experienced Rotarians and business leaders. This program will help young Rotaractors develop essential skills such as leadership, project management, and public speaking.

Ssengooba also intends to prioritize community service projects that address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He believes that Rotaract D9214 can make a significant impact by aligning its projects with the SDGs and working closely with other organizations and stakeholders to achieve shared goals.

Furthermore, Ssengooba plans to leverage technology to enhance communication, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among Rotaract clubs in the district. He plans to establish a digital platform that will enable Rotaractors to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate on projects.

In conclusion, the nomination of Rtr. Joseph B. Ssengooba as the DRRN for Rotaract D9214 is a significant milestone for him and the Rotaract community in the district. Ssengooba’s leadership, vision, and commitment to service make him a worthy candidate for the position. His initiatives to enhance collaboration, community service, mentorship, and technology in Rotaract D9214 will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the district and the communities it serves.


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