Rotary Club Bwebbajja

St. Padre Pio Primary School Wash Project

Buddy Group Kawuku, part of the Rotary Club of Bwebajja, installed a 10,000-liter water tank at St. Padre Pio Primary School in Kabulamuliro. This project addressed water scarcity, promoting hygiene practices and improving overall health. The availability of clean water has positively impacted students’ well-being and created a conducive learning environment.

In addition, the buddy group organized a tree planting activity, enhancing environmental sustainability and beautifying the school grounds. They also generously donated sanitary pads to support girls’ education and address menstrual hygiene management.

The St. Padre Pio Primary School Wash Project by Buddy Group Kawuku showcases Rotary’s commitment to making a lasting impact. By providing clean water, promoting environmental conservation, and supporting girls’ education, the project has improved the lives of students. These initiatives address immediate needs while fostering long-term health, well-being, and educational opportunities. Through collaborative efforts, the Rotary Club of Bwebajja continues to create positive change in the community.