Rotary Club Bwebbajja

St. Padre Pio Primary School Wash Project

Buddy Group Kawuku, part of the Rotary Club of Bwebajja, installed a 10,000-liter water tank at St. Padre Pio Primary School in Kabulamuliro. This project addressed water scarcity, promoting hygiene practices and improving overall health. The availability of clean water has positively impacted students’ well-being and created a conducive learning environment. In addition, the buddy … Read more

Namugonde Primary School

The Rotary Club of Bwebajja’s buddy groups made valuable contributions to the community through their individual projects, leveraging their internal resources and dedication to service. Buddy Group Kakindu focused on education by donating twenty-five three-seater desks to Namugonde Primary School. This contribution not only improved the learning environment for the students but also demonstrated the … Read more

Integrated Community Development of Ngongolo, Uganda

The Rotary Club of Bwebajja, in partnership with local stakeholders, initiated an Integrated Community Development project in Ngongolo. This comprehensive endeavor aimed to empower youth and women, foster economic growth, and enhance the overall well-being of the community. One crucial component of the project was the provision of piglets to women and youth, promoting entrepreneurship … Read more

Maternal & Child Health Global Grant at Nyamuyanja Health Centre IV in Isingiro District

In collaboration with partner organizations, we implemented a transformative Maternal and Child Health Global Grant project. The project encompassed multiple aspects that significantly improved healthcare services for mothers and children in Nyamuyanja. The renovation of the theatre created a modern, well-equipped facility that ensures the safe and efficient delivery of babies, reducing the risks associated … Read more